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Thread: Rockler January 2009 catalog ?

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    Rockler January 2009 catalog ?

    I received the new Rockler catalog yesterday, and I noticed, what I consider to be, an oddity on the back cover. The Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled was shown and it was shown as "Woodworker Tested and Recommended" by The Handyman Club of America. My question to you is how will this endorsement affect your decision to buy this or a similar product? Personally I have no interest in this product and if I did, the endorsement would seem more of a negative than a positive. What do you think?


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    I agree with you Ron, When the "Handyman" Club first got going I was gullible enough to join. After that all I got was nothing but junk mail and offers of very cheap tools. Those tools then made HF look like top of the line tools. It took forever and a move out of state to get away from them. It seems that it is the new woodworker that gets caught up with them hoping to find helpful information. If I've stepped on any toes here I'm sorry. I just had such a bad experience with them. I've heard the same story many times over the years.

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    No personal experience with the Handyman Club, but have the heard the many horror stories. Kind of surprising Rockler using them as an endorsement. I wonder if they know who they are getting into bed with. I consider Rockler to be a good company.

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