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Thread: Starter birdhouse

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    Starter birdhouse

    Based on Bernie's tutorial (a tutorial of legend, by the way) this prototype was born. It is not finished or sanded or anything for that matter; just turned. "Sneeking-up-on" is new verbage for "sharpen your tools and go slow!!!" Now that the basic idea is in hand, Christmas turning is upon us all!! (sorry Stu )
    My nephew is waiting for his "orniment".
    Many thanks' Bernie, this is a long term gig for many Christmas's to come
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    That's great Jim, these little bird houses are number 87 on my to-do list of turnings..
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    Your welcome Jim. Glad it helped. That is a great looking birdhouse. You will be doing those for many years. Almost brings tears to my eyes when I remember what my grandson said last year. He said, "grandpa can you make me one every Christmas forever?" Nothing better. Thanks for the memory Jim.
    Bernie W.

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