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Thread: Texas Woodworking

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    Texas Woodworking

    Hey all,

    Been off-line for a couple of months, but I am back.

    During the break, an opportunity to perhaps move to Texas presented itself. I am open to dry warm climates, the actual destination yet to be determined.

    So, homework begins. Tell me the best rural communities in which to live. Rural is no local WalMart!

    And tell me why it gets your vote.

    Field trip next fall to investigate personally.

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    Welcome back. Good luck finding your ideal rural location.

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    Carol, I've only driven through it, but members here Sam Blasco and Edward Alexander live in Smithville, TX. It seems to be a great town for those who can produce beatiful'd fit right in.

    Welcome Back Too!
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    I live in Denton, Texas and ranched at Schulenburg, Texas.

    In answer to your query.

    I can answer that without problem.
    I have owned a farm there for fifty years this month. I worked there and was a teacher there before graduate degrees moved me to Denton. Denton is a great surburban town; but Schulenburg is special. Centrally located where US 77 crosses I 10. Equidistant from San Antonio and Houston. No Walmart; it has on "supermarket", a Tru-Value hardware, one lumber yard and three feed stores. A movie hall and hotel combination that is a historic landmark, one of the oldest continuing operating movie houses in USA..

    Goggle Schulenburg and you will find we have a half dozen nice emplyers; a very good school system whose only fault is FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER.

    My daughter and I made a one day trip down there yesterday to bring here last two mares to Denton. She lived on the farm for the past twenty years raising arabian horse, charolais cattle and taught in a local district. She moved home for the last years of teaching (more money you know) and she can't wait to get back. It was settled by German and Bohemiam farmers mid-way 19th century.

    I love the town and counttry; I go down frequenty for two to four weeks a time. You want more just ask...... If you want ny e-mail address just PM me................Ray Gerdes
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    If I did not have to work or have convince of a big city I would move a good bit west of San Antonio. Sanora and Ozona are neat little towns that I would truly consider. While these towns will grow I don't think you will see the development because they are fairly isolated. Still for big city's in Texas my favorite is where I live San Antonio, it is pretty hard to beat. There are lots of neat towns in the Hill Country like Ingram, Harper, Sisterdale etc but that part of Texas is growing like crazy, However there is a neat little town that I don't see as much development and that is Tarpley. It is on the western edge of the Texas Hill country it is fairly close To San Antonio and close to a lot of Mesquite.

    Good Luck


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    Ray, Schulenburg look like a really nice town. I can see why you recommend it. I wonder though if it will be dry enough. Since Carol is coming from Arizona, warm & dry may have to mean West Texas. Maybe Carol can define how dry she needs it to be.

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    I live in Denton, Texas and ranched at Schulenburg, Texas.

    re: TEXAS

    Under many conditions I would agree with Alan; and the dryness certainly would be a major consideration
    I was borne and raised in San Antonio and it certainly is my favorite City. His hill country ideas are great. My mother was from Comfort which used to be way out yonder; but, now it is virtually a suburb and landd there is very, very pricey. Go west of Junction if you need dry; there are fifty nice towns between Kerrville and San Angelo. If you want a thirty inch annual rainfall you can't beat Schulenburg. The reply mentioning Smithville in right on target also. It is nice for a RR town and it's right on the river if you want to fish. Enjoy your hunt.

    Ray Gerdes in beautiful TEXAS.

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    Green Acres, Texas

    Green acres is the place to be
    Farm living is the life for me
    Land spreading out,
    so far and wide
    Keep Manhattan,
    just give me that countryside.

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    Between Aledo and Fort Worth, TX
    Lots of nice places in Tejas. But if you want dry, you need west Texas (as opposed to West, Texas ). I love the Hill Country around Austin and west of there, but if allergies are a problem for you, then you need the western part of the state. I have problems every year with the mountain cedar from the Hill country.
    You say an opportunity to move to Texas came this a work related move of any sort? That may place some requirements that will need to be considered.
    Good luck with your decision to move. I moved to Texas to go to school in 1974 and never left! Jim (who has to be closer to town for his job)
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    Carol, check out Vega, Texas. About 20 miles west of Amarillo on I-40, no WalMart, in fact not much of anything there, but near enough to the "big city" to make it easy to do serious shopping.

    Glad to see you back.
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