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Thread: basic goblet guide

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    basic goblet guide

    This is how i choose to do my goblets- its up to you to find and turn the way which suits you and your tools etc this is only meant as a guide not a strict how to do.

    This paticular piece of wood came from the very edge of a large log, the genral rule of thumb is the further away from the pith the more stable the blank will be, there is nothing worse than making a lovely goblet for it to dry like the leaning tower!!
    here it is between centers

    knocked into the round

    pop a dovetail spigot on one or both ends in this case

    this blank is a bit too long for just a goblet so the far left will be the goblet and the right will be for a box later

    heres the goblet blank mounted in my chuck

    its important to have the dovetail like this, firmly seated againt the jaws

    here it is marked out for bowl stem and base

    i rough shape the outside of the bowl making sure to leave plenty of wood for strength whilist hollowing.

    hollowed out using a spindle gouge on its side, the deeper you go the more difficult it becomes so for learning i would only go 2" ish deep.

    a bit more shaping now on the outside

    sand and finish the bowl now as you cannot go back once you start on the stem

    slowly work your way down the stem working in short sections

    sand and finish the stem and base now

    part of and hand finish the base making sure to cut it concave

    there you go a simple goblet
    i left this stem quite thick as spalted beech is not very strong.

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    Excellent tutorial, full of very helpful information George thank you for posting. I rather like the goblet, a nice pleasant shape.

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this George!
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    Much appreciated, George. One of these days I need to try some goblets, and your tutorial will definitely help.
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    Nicely Done! You've inspired me to give this a shot! Thanks!
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    Great job George.
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    Thanks for the pictorial, George.
    I have tried a couple times to turn goblets but only netted more firewood. How do you go about hollowing out the cup?

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    Many thanks George! You make it look so easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Boehlke View Post
    Thanks for the pictorial, George.
    I have tried a couple times to turn goblets but only netted more firewood. How do you go about hollowing out the cup?
    I mainly use a spindle gouge rolled over on its side but i sometimes use a 5/8 bowl gouge on its side, depends on the size of the cup.

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    Nice looking Goblet.

    I like the detailing, great tutorial, Thanks again George.

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