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Thread: How to build a hand plane

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    How to build a hand plane

    While doing a search on hand planes, I came across this article on how to build 3 different hand planes.
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    Every time i see one of these articals on building your own plane, i think it would be fun to do. I'm always a bit torn because, with few exceptions, i don't like to keep things around that i don't need or would be redundant. It would be a fun project as my kids get a bit older. My son is already using an old #2 smoother, a squirrel tail block, and occassionally my Stanley #78. It might be good for both of us to put together a better block plane for him. Hmmm.
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    Ipve done a couple of them and posted pics if you want to have a look at them.

    There is another one about a curved sole plane
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