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Thread: quick guide- spalted beech vase

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    quick guide- spalted beech vase

    hello all, heres a breif step by step guide to a vase/hollow form i did last year, this paticular piece took me about 2 hours but i would suggest that everyone always work safely and at their own pace,this is only a brief guide as to how I choose to work,it is not intended to be a strict "you must do it this way" etc

    heres the blank between centres, the blank measured about 20" long by 9/10" square ish. i cut these blanks from a much larger log, next time i need to cut some more i will try to remember my camera and show how i cut the log up and why i choose to do it that way.
    the white ends are because i cut the wood to use- then i didnt get chance to turn for a few days so to save splitting i painted the end grain with some old oil based paint until i had chance to turn them.

    here it is knocked into the round

    a view of the end grain, i decided to use this tailstock end as the top because the spalting looked much better on this end.

    i've taken it from between centres now and attached a 6" faceplate using square headed sheet metal screws which give excellent grip into end grain- these screws are a mix of 3" and 2 1/4" in length

    right here is the shape roughed out, the blank is a bit too long but i will find a use for the extra bit later.

    here is the shape refined a bit more, i'm trying to get a nice flowing curve.
    i leave an area near the base (far left of the photo)extra thick to support the hollowing process.

    top view of the neck and start of the hollowing, i make a hole down to the bottom the same daimeter as the neck first and then starting from the top down hollow it out to my final wall thickness.

    this ones slightly blurred, but it shows where i hollowed down to marked in pencil

    here is the outside shape finished, i go back inside now and hollow the final bit from the base.

    here it is sanded to 320 and oiled with lemon oil

    close up of the neck

    a bowl from the extra wood/ waste block

    here it is hollowed out and sanded, i've got it on my vacum faceplate so i can clean up the base

    heres another slightly blurred!! photo of the days work, a burr elm hollow form, a bangle and both spalted beech bits.

    and heres the mess i've made!! you can also see my hollowing tools in the background-but i will post a seperate thread with some better pictures of these soon.

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    Thanks a ton, George!

    Is that a Vega Lathe?
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    Hi Pete- no its a VB36- superb lathe's

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    Great documentation George. Thanks for posting it.
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    Thanks George!
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    Very nice little tutorial George! Will have to give this a try!

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    Well done indeed, and that is no mess, you can still see the floor.............. in places
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    Great tutorial George. Thanks.
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    That is some nice stuff - I never read about putting oil based paint on the ends - how long did you let it sit and did it warp after you made it.


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    sorry folks i have had some sort of problem with my photobucket account- all of my pics have been either moved or deleted and i have no back ups.

    could admin please remove the affected threads
    many thanks

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