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Thread: 80's Powermatic tools, What are they worth??

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    80's Powermatic tools, What are they worth??

    A coworker's father-in-law is selling his woodworking equipment, he doesn't know how much he wants for the pieces. Here is a pic of the Powermatic 66. He also has PM100 planer, PM1150A variable speed drill press, a PM60 8" jointer, and a Green PM 6"x48" belt 12" disc sander combo. My dad is interested in the planer and drill press, I am interested in the table saw and sander combo, and my brother-in-law is interested in the jointer.

    Any recomendations on fair prices to offer for each piece??

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!!
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    Keith I did an exhaustive Internet search, called each manufacturer, polled over 35,000 woodworkers, spoke with insurance representatives from sixteen companies, and came to the following numbers.

    The whole lot, shipped to, and set-up in, Alexandria, Virginia $29.95.

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    keith all of them look to be in good shape if they areasthe table saw appers.. the usual price is half of new... ask the guy what he wants and go from there..he knows what they are worth and if yo dont like his price ,,give him a counter offer but all of them are good stuff,, i belive they are prior to tai- chi work..
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    offer 3k for the lot.
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