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Thread: Woodcarving Down South...WAY South

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    Woodcarving Down South...WAY South

    Stumbled onto this series of videos and thought y'all might find it interesting. Not necessarily safe tool practices, but some interesting tools.

    African Drum Carving

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
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    Vaughn this proves you dont need sophisticated tools to be a woodworker. Makes me wonder what these guys would do with some good tools.

    Reminds me of the days I was sailing catamarans. We always had a some guy in our fleet that would pitch up with some new addition or brand name winch or sail etc. They still never won the race. We used to call them cheque book sailers. They had the money to buy the gadgets but none of the patience or desire to acquire the skill to win. It was always good for a laugh when some youngster would beat these guys by miles on a most basic boat.

    There were a few safety things here that scared me though when the guy is chiseling away around the edges.
    Also wonder what these guys wrists end up like after a while of pounding the Adze into the inside walls to hollow it out. No workmans comp there and certainly no workplace safety guys.

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    Tools looked like modern made adzes, axes, scorps, chisles.
    Technique is primitive but works. Safety seems to be something not factored into their methods. That sorta up-chop with the round scorp between the legs almost felt painful to watch.

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