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Thread: First Pinewood Derby Car - er Truck

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    First Pinewood Derby Car - er Truck

    Just the other week we made Sam's first Pinewood Derby car - actually a truck. He modeled it after an old Matchbox truck seen here:

    Attachment 28120

    The following are a few shots of Sam at work. He learned how to properly mark cut lines, glue up parts (and clean the glue off after clamping), use the belt sander, and sand parts with different grit paper. He sealed the truck with shellac and painted the details. I found out too late that he wasn't able to push the button on the spray can, so I ended up spraying the paint - duly noted for next year.

    Attachment 28112Attachment 28115Attachment 28113Attachment 28114Attachment 28117Attachment 28121

    Another item for next year - check the weight as we go. I ended up making Swiss cheese out of the thing to make it race legal.

    The finished truck:

    Attachment 28116

    Sam didn't win any races, but did win a ribbon for "Most Heavy Duty"

    Attachment 28118

    Oh, and Dad had to make one as well. Based on the Deora Hot Wheels car. (Which for the non motor heads was based on the Deora show truck made by the Alexander brothers in the mid 60's.)

    Attachment 28119

    We had a great time building our trucks and learned a lot. I'm really proud of the job he did. He was very serious during the build and conducted himself well in the shop. We just might build another before next years race.

    Thanks for looking,


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    Very nice! Give him a big from me.

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    Way cool I don't think they had the Pine Wood Derby when I was a cub scout Sam did a great job... I bet you're a proud papa now

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    How cool is that? Great job. Looks great.
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    Hey this is what I like to see. A kid in the shop and to top it all off a Cub Scout as well. Man it makes me happy. No pic of video games in sight.

    The Truck is really great. Love the color. Did you guys get to enter it in the truck derby race down the track yet. Or is this just a buiding contest.

    Made my day seeing this post.

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    Great Job on the Pine-wood Truck!

    I remember playing with the Matchbox truck that you used as your model, when I was a kid.

    I have great memories of building my Pine-wood derby car with my Dad. I'm sure Sam will have alot of good memories from working on this project with you.
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    Great job Sam, and well done on helping him, Wes.

    Ah, the Dodge Deora. One of my first and favorite 1/25 scale model kits back in the day. (Mine was the original, pictured top left.)
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    great job there and you all were winners, time spent wit your son and the gettin ribbins too what more ca anyone ask for
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    Wes, pinewood derby cars are the first projects I remember doing with my dad and I still have them. Great looking truck.
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