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Thread: finally done - almost

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    finally done - almost

    OK, so the built-ins i've been harping on about over the past few months are finally done (except for another coat of poly, but i'll wait until warm weather so i can open up the house for that one). There's even a pic of the cat who wasn't too fond of the first stain job i did on the tops - yep, he's still alive.
    The tops turned out better the second time around, so i guess i owe him a favor.
    At any rate, the middle portion of each built-in is a salvaged, stripped, repaired, and modified built-in cabinet that had been pulled out of an apartment building that was being gutted. They're about 90 or so years old. To widen the cabinetry, i made the narrow open shelf cabinets that sit on each side. The tops are birch ply with solid wood edging/molding, and the base molding was salvaged from the dining room wall the cabinets sit on, stripped (lots of old paint), refinished, cut to fit, and installed.

    The opening between the cabinets was something i did last year to connect the dining room to the kitchen. We wanted to get that done before puting in the new floor. So, installing the new floor lead to a string of ripple effect projects that is taking over 2 years to complete - but i'm almost done.

    Thanks to all who gave me input as i worked on this - my first cabinetry. I appreciate this group and the fine folks who are always willing to offer up good information.

    Paul Hubbman
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    Paul they really look great! The floor also looks good. In fact the entire room looks as good as the cabinets you built.

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    Those are great! They look like they were always there. I really appreciate the challenge and extra effort put in to salvaging the middle cabinets. Sometimes it's harder than making them from scratch. (DAMHIKT) In your case it was well worth the effort. They really look great.

    Worth the wait.


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    looks good paul,, the old style of cabinets add alot of flavor to a kitchen dinning area i my opinion. you can almost smell the aromas from yesteryear
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    I like it Paul - nice job. I, too, like the old style flavor of the built ins.
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    Paul, that looks terrific.
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    Paul, wonderful job, has to give you a satisfied feeling every time you look at it or walk by it.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Paul, as others said, they look like they've always been there. Great job! I have hopes/dreams of doing something similar this spring. Thanks for the inspiration.
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    Can't say more than all the others Paul. when you build something new and they look like they've always been there, that tells me that you did it right Super Job


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    Nice work Paul! Did you put on 4-5 coats of paint with a few runs in it to match other old built in cabinets?

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