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Thread: toy for kids (and me)

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    toy for kids (and me)

    I thought i'd share this - Santa put this under the tree for the kids this year. The hardware and instructions came in a kit from Lee Valley, and i spent a week or so of evenings making the box, puting it together, and painting it up. It works pretty well - a fun little project.
    Paul Hubbman
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    Looks like it would be a hoot!

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    Paul, very cool! Looks like a lot of fun. Have you had to use the penalty box yet?
    Wm. Jason Tuinstra

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    Looks like alot of fun! I'm sure the kids will enjoy it.
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    By far, that is the best hockey game out there, I've had a few various ones, and the original is by far the best, the most fun. My maternal grandmother had one in her basement, my brother, and my various cousins, and I, would play that thing for hours and hours. My grand father bought it in the early 50's I think, it was a Munro "Club" model, the top of the line, boy we played the paint off of that thing

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    Looks great! and the good point is the the fun doesn't end there!
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