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Thread: Day off and turning again...question

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    Day off and turning again...question

    Day off and was doing a few bowls.....some just to fiinsih up and get them out of my shelf are bored and over did it on the pictures i guess but it was fun
    First one is a salad bowl for a friend at work - still wet with lemon oil
    Second - Salad bowl to sell later on - wet with lemon oil also
    Third - Pine vase turned another way- really liked it but problems ill tell you about in a bit.........
    Fourth - Same pine vase
    Fifth - same different angle
    Sixth - small pot - oil soaked for 3 days - submerged that is and now drying out.
    Seventh - small vase type turning 3 coats of lemon oil, one coat of Danish and sitting and drying now.

    My issue is with the pine turning and keeping the pith in it. I turned it and being so wet i roughed it out and put it in brown bags for a was very dried out with only a few cracks which i enhanced and filled with stone inlay.......put it on the lathe and trued up the tennon which didnt true up very well (friction chuck)......anyway sanded the outside fine but trying to sand the inside was way would i put my hand in there due to the sharp natural edges etc.....but was able to ruff sand it with a extension and hook and loop ......not to great of a sanding on the i torched it and sanded down a little bit....then started to finish it with oil which does look pretty good at the will come out ok but i think there is a better way...........comments ??
    I should have maybe just waited until the wood was dryer and finished turned it in one session and let it dry out good and hand finish.....guess thats one option.............Thanks Dan

    Ohhhhhh yah and turning freshly cut pine especially this way you get a lot of tear out no matter how sharp your tools experience anyway......
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bowl-1 (600 x 450).jpg   bowl-2 (600 x 450).jpg   large bowl-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Large Bowl-2 (600 x 450).jpg   Large Bowl-3 (600 x 450).jpg  

    Little bowl-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Little bowl-2 (600 x 450).jpg  
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    Wow, looks like a busy day. They all look nice...I'd say the salad bowl in the first pic is my favorite.

    I like the orientation of the pine, but don't know what to suggest for similar pieces in the future, without seeing it in person while it's spinning.

    I did a bowl out of a root ball once that was real tricky to sand the inside of. Due to the shape of the walls, I couldn't get any of my power sanders inside much of the bowl, and it had way too many voids to sand by hand with the lathe spinning. In the end, I just hand-sanded the whole interior, but I forced myself to be patient and get it sanded as perfectly as I could get it, though all the grits up to 600. I think I spent two or three nights just sanding the inside of the bowl.
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    Great looking bunch Dan. You have been busy. Yes pine will turn better when dry.
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    Day off and turning question... again

    Beautifull work there,looks like you done well Don't like pine,to me its just a PITA for turning,even dry

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    First, I wish I had your inventory and skill. Second, I think a sanding sealer on the pine may help. Pine and Redwood get this grain-raise thing and can sometimes make finishing a pain. Open grains like pine can benefit from sanding sealer...Stu uses it a lot. Third, I think the stone inlay is very cool and am ordering some today.
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