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Thread: Weekend do'ns

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    Weekend do'ns

    OK we have another 3 day weekend upon us. Whatcha got planned.
    I'll be in the shop Sat and sunday, finishing up the drawers for the Desk, sanding and such. I also am thinking about making a holder for my turning tools to try to keepem organised better. Monday we will be down in Tucson at my Brother-In-Laws. So whats going on with the rest of ya.
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    In laws are leaving today so I have to take them to the airport.

    I have to get the Birdseye Maple bookcase finished up soon so that is probably going to keep me in the shop all weekend and maybe some of next week.
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    My Saturday to work, 8 til 1. After that I'm working on cutting an opening from the foyer into the hallway. LOML's is tired of the students having to go through the family room/kitchen to get to her studio for lessons. I've already cut the sheetrock off on the hallway side and moved an existing electrical outlet that was in the way. (Stepped through the ceiling in the family room in the process. )
    Have to build a header and cut the studs out, then put it all back together and trim it out and paint. Shouldn't be too bad. Hope I can then get some shop time to do what I had planned on doing this weekend. Jim.
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    After giving away almost all of my pens during the holidays, and having spent much of my free time in December installing fake-wood flooring in the basement, I'm a bit overdue for some pen-turning. Time to refill the propane tank and fire up the heater.



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    Reorganizing my shop. I constantly feel the need to move things around, kinda like a hamster. Due to my lack of planning my shop is never really set up the way I want. That drives me to constantly move stuff around. This is one of the reasons I haven't built a detached shop. I think I am still in the learning stage of what works and what doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Young View Post
    Reorganizing my shop. I constantly feel the need to move things around, kinda like a hamster.
    And I thought that was just me!! I must be in good company!

    My plans are to work on my wifes Christmas. Yes it is no where near done and she knew that and is OK with it. I finished up gifts for other people, one rather ungrateful one but we won't go there.

    I also would like to do some rearranging. I have a pedestal grinder in my truck to unload. A few things I would like to move out of my shop and clean up this last corner of the Lab. I have several pending projects (restorations) and I would like to clean up a corner I could devote to these. Plus I need space to store the machines if they all materialize.

    It's a long story and I will go into details latter but I have the potential for 2 lathes coming in and of course the jointer I buying. Anyone want to buy a lathe?? I may have one for sale soon.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I too am a rearranger. I always seem to have some tool that doesn't fit, in the wrong place.

    Working on cabinets tomorrow and sunday am.

    Will be working on the shop ceiling monday. Have about 20 sheets of osb to put up yet. Some of it is over my lumber racks. Not going to be fun.

    Need to move my second lathe over by my hydraulic lathe I just moved.

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    Hoping to do some cleanup in the's a mess from the pre-Christmas rush. I've put any lathe projects on hold pending the arrival of a new VS belt for my lathe. (Sears is charging me over $60 for the stinkin' belt, but I checked around and it's apparently a proprietary belt...I can't find it anywhere else.) I've got some flatwork projects in the planning (or customer deciding) stages, but I've enjoyed having the last few nights free from the shop. I still have to get the last of the post-Christmas parcels to the Post Office.

    I also have some recently snagged hunks of wood to cut up and see what sort of salvageable turning wood lurks within. I hope to get into some of that this weekend, but if not, it'll wait.

    Lastly, I need to have another orange harvesting session in the back yard, with a few lemons thrown in for variety.
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    Picked up some more wallpaper, so I'll be paperin' and paintin' this weekend. I cut up some maple blocks to glue up for my first bowl this evening. Cleaning and rearranging some tools, and loading the trailer up for a recycle run is also on the schedule. We still have snow/ice on the ground, so I'll probably have to wait till later next week to make the run, but at least the trailer will be loaded and the garage a bit more empty.

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    More of these...lots more...

    Take care, Mike
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