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Thread: Gett'n ready for Christmas

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    Gett'n ready for Christmas

    I saw Jonathon's post on the Christmas ornaments, and thought I'd post my start for next Christmas. This is my first try at a birdhouse ornament. Spalted maple and an unknown wood. I need some work on getting my finials a little slimmer but I'll keep trying. It's about 3 1/2 " tall and the body is about 1 1/8" in dia.
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    Cool looking!

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    Great job Paul!!
    Since the prototype came out well, I'm starting those in a few months. Thank's for some inspiration and make sure (if you haven't already) you get a leg up by looking at Bernie's legendary tutorial...the Grail of ornaments.
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    Good combination of the two woods Paul, really nice piece.

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    gett'n ready for christmas

    Looks like you got a pretty good start so far.Nice piece

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    Great looking birdhouse. Yep ya got a good start on Christmas. Only 335 days left till Christmas.
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