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Thread: Wood gloat.... sort of

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    Wood gloat.... sort of

    A lady I work with knows that I fool with wood. The other day she said that they had to cut down a sugar maple and asked me if I wanted any of the wood. I told her I'd come by after work and have a look. When I got there my jaw dropped. The stump was about 36" in diameter. Her husband said that they had been trying to give it away for about 2 months and nobody wanted it. He said the trunk was clear, solid and straight for about 10 feet. The only down side (if there is one) was that their neighbor had come over and blocked it up for them. This is what I got. I got two loads on my ford ranger. Most of it has some pretty good spalting and some has staining from ambrosia beetles. He said that if he knew I would have wanted the log he would have saved it for me. I cut up one "small" piece and got 4 10"x3" turning blanks. I think I'm going to cut most of it into blanks and anchorseal it.
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    Nice haul.

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    what a shame that you had to cut it into turning blanks a ten ft log of spalted maple with a littelambrsia thrown in ...priceless,, good job on making good use of what was left.. you need to get the word around that you want wood and get it before the others doo
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    Nice haul for sure. I have huge Sugar maple tress around me. They drop little whirly things in the spring, is that the same tree? Time to sharpen up the chain saw.

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    What a haul! That oughta keep you busy for a while.
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    wood gloat...sort of

    DANG,wrong place at the wrong time (me) I live about 3 hrs from you when I am at my place in NC, I go up there in April , good haul there though right now I'm in Fl

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    Congrats on a great haul. That should keep ya busy.
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    Methinks you will be buying the 5 gallon bucket of Anchorseal

    Nice haul indeed!

    I'd rough turn as much of it as you can, as soon as you can.
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