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Thread: Wax Buffing ??

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    Wax Buffing ??

    I bought a Dental lathe from a garage sale (pic below) for $50-60 and it is almost new. I was thinking of just setting it up for buffing bowls. It has two speeds on it (1750 and 3450). Has quick release levers and small steel cones that slip in and out of the collets. The way it works now is the smaller cloth wheels just spin on and self tighten down (The shafts can be removed though).

    I am thinking about ordering some buffing wheels and wax and give the bowl buffing a try. I see that Beall and Don Pencil sell the wheels and waxes on there websites (thanks to Vaughn for providing me the info and sites).
    Both sites sell package deals with (3 )- 8" buffing wheels, Tripoli, White Diamond and Carnuba along with adapter. I was also going to buy (3) - 4" bowl buffing wheels also.

    I thought i would ask the other turners/buffers out there if the above makes sense ?????? What do you think of 2" v. 3" v. 4" bowl buffing wheels ? i thought the bigger the less i would have to buff............

    Currently the types of finish i use are Danish/Varnish/Turp or naptha, or just Danish oil with spray Laquer top finish..........sounds like adding the buffing at the end of my finish may improve things from what i have been reading...................Thanks Dan

    Final thought: What is everyones favorite type of finish ?
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    I can't speak for the Beall system, but from other threads and turners, it appears to have a very good reputation. I bought a hollowing system from Don Pencil and upon arrival, discovered that his shipping department hand crossed labels on my order with another and I received his buffing system instead. He immediately corrected the error and shipped my hollowing system - which I like and as I get better at it, works great.... but as compensation for the error, he told me to keep the buffing system too... It's a great system and works on my lathe.(There is an adapter that screws onto the headstock spindle) Mine came with one each, 8" wheel for the tripoli, white diamond and carnuba, with an extra wheel for carnuba, plus one each buffing balls in either 2 or 3 inch and another set in either 3 or 4 inches.. all in all very pleased with the system (and the price was right - but don't think everyone can expect my good fortune.)
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    I've got the Don Pencil 8" buffs (and the 8" long spindle adaptor) and three of the 4" bowl buffs. As far as the bowl buffs, I'd say the main point about size is that they fit inside your bowls. If you make a lot of small bowls, you probably don't want the bigger bowl buffs. The smaller buffs work fine in a bigger bowl, and it's not a lot of extra work to use small ones in a big bowl.

    If you just want to try it out a bit before investing a lot of money, you can get soft buffing wheels at the Borg for just a few dollars each, and pretty much all the woodturning suppliers sell the various buffing compounds and wax. The Borg wheels won't be quite as nice as the Beall or Pencil wheels -- the Beall and Pencil wheels use different types of fabric for the various buffing compounds -- but they still work fine. (That's what I run on my mini lathe.)
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    Don's stuff is top notch. I have his face plates but had the Beall Buffing System already which I am exceptionally pleased with.

    HF sells 8" buffing wheels, I bought a few to use with the beall system for other waxes and finishes.

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