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Thread: At least my luck is holding....

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    At least my luck is holding....

    The layoff express ran over me on the 16th. Life goes on. I got a weeks severance pay and 3 weeks of unused vacation pay. OK, looks like some shop time. Wrong. I ended up with bronchial pneumonia and haven't done anything except cough for a week. At least I wasn't sick for any job interviews. I'll have to go look for gainful employment next week if I'm not dead. cough, cough, hack, cough. Hope I didn't need that part of my lung.

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    Thinking of you Dale, sail smoothly toward that new job. Hope you feel better.

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    You got my hopes and thoughts with ya.
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    Dale, not being able to enjoy the forced time off sucks more than the layoff itself. Hope you get better soon enough to enjoy a day or two off before you find a stone to put your nose against again!

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    take care of your self dale,, i know the feeling all to well ,have had that wonderful ailment myslef a couple times,, a horse sized shot of yelo liguid knocks it out pretty quick,,at least it makes you feel better to do something rather than just drop.. take care and get better you gotta be healthy for next years tour..
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