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    Lee Valley

    If you haven't already seen it, Lee Valley has some pretty good deals.

    I ordered some of these clamps and this L-I driver.

    Check their Special Offers & Sale Items page for other stuff.
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    Thanks Bill, man I am a dunce, I got the flyer re the driver, liked what i saw and the price so much so that i ordered it for store pick up since I was going to be in the area today. Now I see those clamps and i have always wanted some like that. Going to have to figure out a way to get there and get them.

    Tip from me, usually when Lee Valley has a special, dont dilly dally. Its a real deal and things go fast, even faster when word gets out. I have picked up some really good deals there in the past year, but the once or twice I said I will think about it, bam when I woke up they were gone. Not even being replaced. T

    Driver kit looks like a real deal. I figured since LV has tested it and at this price, I cannot go wrong. Sorry Milwakee, i now have my small hand held driver drill. By the way for those that dont know it comes with a set of screwdriver bits but also two drill bits and the holster is real neat.

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    Lee Valley Driver Review

    Well after seing the electronic flyer on what looked like a great subsititute for a small handy driver( I have been eyeing from Milwaukee) I immediately ordered one and a day later was able to pick it up.

    All excited I put the unit on charge for the better part of the weekend eager to see how it performs. ( The aspect that sold this item to me was the comments made by Lee Valley as to their testing.

    "In our tests it would drive more than 130-3/4" screws into particle board
    (without predrilling), or drill more than 90 3mm diameter holes through 3/4"
    red oak, or drive 90 1-1/2" screws through a 2 4, all on a single 3-hour

    Well I should have known better after all of these years that you get nothing for nothing and there is a reason why the tool is priced this low. Mine is going back this week.

    Yes it is nice and light weight a wonderful package and comes with great accessories.

    But the power is not there to do what they said in their write up.
    I guess I either got a dud or the battery that was in the unit they tested was of superior capability.

    Mine battled to use the drill included a small somewhere around 1/8 drill to make a hole in a 2X4. Never mind drive 90 1 1/2 inch screws into a 2x4 unless it was made of polystyrene.

    So I thought after being quick to endorse Lee Valleys specials I should just warn the family of the downside of this tool.

    I will take mine back and let them know and should a different scenario pan out I will update this thread.

    Where I come from the Afrikaners have a saying that goes something like this "Goedkoop is duur koop" translated that means a cheap buy is usually an expensive buy.

    This item belongs in those corporate gift promotional item categories where you hand them out and the people recieving them never use them but get a good warm feeling from percieved value.


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    Drill is Throw Away

    Here is another warning about the drill. It is intended to be throw away. I confirmed with Lee Valley that the battery is not intended to be replaced. To do so requires removing the old one that is soldered right in and soldering a new one into place. This is not something that they neither explain how to do nor advocate.
    Cheers, Frank

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