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Thread: Finally got back to the Lathe! First Platters

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    Finally got back to the Lathe! First Platters

    Well after my mom got the peppermill for christmas she requested a platter or two. I finally got to the lathe last week and turned a practice one from poplar. Good thing I made a practice one just as I was touching up the bottom I thought to myself that the nub was getting awfully small, and just as I thought that, it broke and the platter got caught on the chuck and tailcenter. I then chucked a piece of Maple burl I had and turned a second platter for her. I think it turned out great, sanded to 600 with danish oil, then buffed. I figured I might as well go ahead and finish the poplar one as well, just has a couple of war wounds. They are both 12" diameter, the poplar is 1 1/4" tall and the maple is 1" tall.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The war wounds in the poplar aren't very visible from what I see, and the maple burl platter is gorgeous. Great stuff, Keith.
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    Very nice; love the flow of the curves.

    I didn't realize that poplar can have such a brown tone; it looks almost like semi-transparent walnut.

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    Well you certainly have not lost your touch!

    The war wound on the popular is on the bottom, from what I can see, so what they heck, most likely only other turnes will notice

    The Maple Burl is fantastic!!
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    I agree, that maple burl is beautiful! Are you complaining about that thing that looks like a beetle larva home on the bottom of the poplar?

    Also, if you made the poplar first, why is it labeled "#108" and then maple "#107"? Have decided to only turn so many objects in an attempt to increase demand for your work and soon you'll be all done turning and ship your lathe to Larry?

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    Both platters are very nice. Maple burl looks gorgeous.

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    Finally got back to the lathe!first platters

    WTG there Kieth,some very beautifull work there.Now that your back,keep em coming

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    Platters look great Keith the maple burl looks really good
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    well you turners are sure making great use of the purty wood latly.. that maple burl is definatly top rate...the popular with its story is a real close second. nice work.
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    I know it's wrong but I like the looks of the poplar! Such a simple elegance to the shape and grain. Both are beautiful though.

    After reading a lot of posts by Larry, it almost sounds like he's weakening to the idea of crossing over to the spinny side!! Is there any wagering that he'll come home from the road trip with a new tool???

    What goes around, comes around.

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