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Thread: M and T joint ?

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    M and T joint ?

    hi all

    is there a diffrence in strength between a through tennon and a mitered tenon for table legs and aprons ?

    another question , whats the deal with a haunched tennon and why do i need it , over a straight tennon ?

    thanks in advance !
    what are you building today ??


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    one of the items that i've made with through tenons was a cradle for the newest nephew. the visible part of the tenon was mortised for a key (a pointy bit of wood, for some that i've needled before), to lock everything in place. a haunched tenon would be used when you are attaching an apron to near the top of a leg, and basically it's top is a bit lower (say if you go 3/8" on each shoulder normally, you would use 3/8" on the bottom, and say 1/2" on the top), the result is that there is more wood between the mortise and the top of the leg.
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