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Thread: something special for Larry

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    something special for Larry

    Well, the day started when I realized last night that I left my debit card at the place I went to lunch on Friday. I have an hour commute to work and of course did not notice this until I returned home. So my wife and I went down there this morning.

    Knowing that Larry is coming soon and I think I'm out of mead, I figured I should get some honey and put together a batch this weekend (to the Thoits - I've been told by several folks that even my green mead is quite drinkable). So, we passed a few signs that said "Honey for sale" but it looked like no one was home. Then I remembered a farmer's market type place a bit out of the way on the drive home. Turns out they were closed for the season.

    So, off to WalMart it was, but they only had 4 containers of 3 lb honey on the shelf and no more available in inventory. I picked them up, but I usually use 20 lb for a 6 gallon batch so off to the other store in town. First thing I noticed is that their prices for honey were about twice the WalMart price. While standing around hoping that the prices would magically lower, I noticed that their fancy orange blossom honey was on sale, making it just a tad bit more that the clover honey. So I bought some of each!

    Today's batch will be an orange blossom mead, with the orange blossom honey being 3 / 20 lbs of the total honey bill.

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    i forgot to tell ya ,i am allergic to oranges, and honey too it makes me sweet and tart at the same time:rofl:
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    Well, Larry, if'n yer not able to drink my mead, I'm sure Chuck and Kalea will see to it that there's no problems at'all!

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