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    So I am pretty new to this woodworking thing and have jumped right in with both feet. So far I have been part of two swap type events; the snowman contest and the box swap. I have had a lot of fun with it and it's really got me thinking.
    Chuck and I were talking about this last evening and I think it is a really good thing to have a semi constant flow of swaps going on.... like once one ends start up another for a different type of project.
    I think that this achieves a number of things:
    1. it gets people excited and motivated about working on a project
    2. It gets the creativity flowing and is a good mood boost because sometimes people have a lot of stuff going on in their life that they may be able to do little to nothing about. By crafting a project start to finish you get some amount of feels good satisfaction from holding a completed piece in your hands. I think it would also be good for reducing stress (even though yes wood working can cause some amount of stress... it's different) because you doing something productive and have a bit of an outlet for your daily upsets. Not to mention it gets you off the couch, which is always a good thing.
    3. it potentially gets them involved with new techniques
    4. it helps to keep a good flow of conversation and interest going on the forums
    5. it gets people more involved and helps people to get to know other members better
    6. it gives members the ability to share their work with people out of their normal network
    7. it encourages people to improve their skills
    8. if there is always a swap going on, but each one is limited to the first dozen or so people that pipe up it gets people that may have missed out on that round interested in and anticipating what the next swap will be and if they will be able to get in on it.

    I think that the swaps should be limited to a 2-4 week turn around time, depending on the type of project, to keep interest up and be able to fit more swaps into the course of a year.
    I would be more than happy to coordinate this.... including picking themes or categories, setting time frames, keeping track of who's in and facilitating the swapping at the end.

    I posted this to a moderator to see what they thought and if I needed permission to do so... don't want to make anyone cranky! They said to go ahead and post it here to see what the members think.

    So... what do you all think? Would you be interested in something like this? Keeping in mind not every project might be up your alley or of interest to you, do you think you might join in the ones that *are* of interest... or maybe that you have been wanting to try out?
    If so, what kind of swaps would *you* like to see going on?
    Depending on the chosen projects there would likely be 10-14 swaps per year, limited to only about a dozen participants per swap.
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    Even if time constraints did not allow me to partake in many of them, I think it would be a great idea and a fantastic way to build interest and friendships. Go for it!
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    It sounds interesting. Especially if it can be spun in circles. Flat work is another story. That stuff has to wait until the weather gets warmer. It is a good way to get to know people. I'm in one going on in Australia right now.

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    it seems as if some swaps could be a choice. The box swap seems as if could have been flatwork or a turned box. Or am I just too laid back on this?

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    i be a part of it ,,if it is something that i can do, or time for.
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    Ditto what Larry said!

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    How about one of the exchanges being a turned mallet. It could be bigger as in an oak mallet to be used in the shop of a nut cracker or decorative mallet. Like this made from Purple Heart & Maple & if I remember right the pad is Spalted Madrona.

    This would even be open to NTNST NON Turning NON Spinny Types. LIKE LARRY because they can be done with 6,8,10,or 12 sides or even on a hand cranked lathe with a router jig. Then when you get it done you can dance a jig.
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    I am glad there is interest in this
    making note... mallet swap and box swap.... either being whichever construction method you prefer.
    Keep the ideas coming!
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    Another turner/flatlander combination that might work would be cutting boards and bowls. A turner could make a bowl and exchange it for a flatworker's cutting board, and vice versa.
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    I like that idea Vaughn (there are some pretty awesome cutting board pictures around here!)
    I was also thinking of an anything goes/surprise kind of swap. Pretty much whoever wants in makes something from wood.... whatever, in any way they want, and in the end each piece is sent to another swapper and no one has any idea what they are getting until they get it.
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