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Thread: New Router Bit

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    New Router Bit

    Hi everyone: As I have mentioned befor I use a touge and groove method of constucting most ov my cabinets. Sommerfelds woodworking has offered a New bit. When making the stiles and rails, Instead of a cope and patern joint these doors are 45 at the corners and are morice and tendon for strength The new bit is a bit that puts a profile on the face of the stiles and rails. Now for the problem. That profile bit is 4" tall the stiles & rails are 3" wide .
    Now the fence on my router table is Only 3" tall. I want to bury the bit between the fences and bring the flush with the bearing for the finall pass.
    All I can thik of is to cut a couple pieces of MDF and fasten it to my existing fence so it will be tall enough.By cutting the MDF at about 5" high and 3/4" thick,I could just replace the bolts that hold my existing fence in place with some that are 3/4" longer. This should let me still burry the bit as to route safley. Any help would be appreciated.
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    sounds feasible ,,extending the existing fence by adding to the frt of it only higher.. be careful of that bit wanting to flex and causing you un-uniform molding. if you dont have a shoot or a power feeder to run the stock threw you will have a good chance of gettin dips and do"s.. the ideal way of dong that setup would be on a molder. and much safer.
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