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Thread: sanding help

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    sanding help

    I looked at this machine yesterday

    but it did not perform as I had hoped, I'm looking to ease the edges without marring the face...also at 48"wide it's about 46"wider than I need. (would be a great deal though for anyone interested)

    I'm looking at the Wolfhead anyone familiar?

    Sorry about the PDF.

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    craig, wolfhead has been around for years-n-years, i`ve used their hand held mops and they work well...if i`m understanding correctly you`re looking to break the sharp edges on your bowcauls?.....if so they`d do well at this but i`d suggest mounting the wheel to a pedistal grinder or better yet a slow speed buffer........tod
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    Thanks Tod,

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I have 6 sharp edges to ease (4 outside, and 2 at the T-slot, where I have not been happy with the other flap sander heads I've tried). I'd like to automate the process with a feeder and 2 heads, one top and one bottom...but I fear that running them with the curve facing up, that the high point (center) will get hit harder than the lower points front and was happening with the de-nibber. If I understand correctly, the Wolfhead is the only one that allows me to release more abrasive, so as to not have to adjust the heads as they wear???

    Sound right?

    Also for now (until I build this contraption) I'm planning on mounting it on one side of the Sandrite, but am told it might be too heavy... but it looks like that's what they are using in the literature.

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