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Thread: Hello to my woodworking friends!

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    Almelo, Holland

    Hello to my woodworking friends!

    Hello to all!!

    Yes, I've posted my first thread and it's time to tell al little bit about myself.
    39 years, married, 2 Jack Russell dogs, 9 koi-carp fish, 15 Waterslagers (canary-especially singing birds) and 2 rabbits.
    I live in Almelo, Holland.

    My hobbies are breeding birds (Worldchampion in 2005 with an Gouldian Finch) and woodworking, cars, surfing the internet)
    And reading Shopnotes-magazine.
    Some pics are attached.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Photo-0027.jpg   Photo-0023.jpg   121068669601.JPG  

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    Bas, nice Hobbies you've got there. I'll bet it is pretty "Musical" around your place.

    I don't have my map handy, so how far and what direction is Almelo from Amsterdam? I flew quite a number of cargo flights out of Amsterdam during the 5 + years I lived in Oostende, Belgie, (but that ended 18 years ago).

    PS; I subscribe to Shop Notes too.

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    Nice to know more about you, Bas. Sounds like you have quite the animal farm. My experience with Gouldian Finches was with these...on a hot air balloon. I worked on the crew for this balloon for several events...

    Norm, he's about 150 KM from Amsterdam...

    Google Map

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    Welcome to the Family Bas!
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    Welcome to our Family, Bas. You may be our first member from Holland. I like that we are gathering members from other countries and becoming so international.
    Nancy Laird
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    Welkom in die familie Bas. Good to hear from you in Holland. I had an uncle in South Africa that used to breed canaries. I think it was such an obsession with him that he even started looking like one.

    What is that you have in your hand, I presume its a baby bird, is it alive?

    I have had many a great time in Holland. I used to exhibit at the Intertraffic Exhibition in Amsterdam every two years, just when all the spring bulbs were coming up out of the ground. Loved the daffidols everywhere. Of course it is my opinion the dutch make some of the best beer in the world but this might offend some of the people to the south of me. I also wonder how many of our members have ever had good old Genever in Holland and dont forget the cheese. Oh boy just thinking about the place and my friends there makes me want to travel.
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    Nice set of hobbies Bas, welcome to the family!

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    Welcome to the Family Bas. You must have heard we like pictures, because you put them in your first post.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to FWW Bas!

    What goes around, comes around.

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