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    Informal Club

    The club that we usually go to is over an hour away for most of us so we decided to start an informal club of about 9 turners. Last night was the first meeting and was held at my shop. The meetings will rotate starting with the people who have heat, since in was -5 last night. Since I have two lathes, we had two mentors working on two projects. The first was a chisel handle and the second was a bowl made out of redwood burl. Over all it went great and we plan on meeting bi-weekly.
    Steve, I thought it might be to much of a drive so I didn't email you
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    Excellant !

    Looks like you got a good thing going there Pete. Hope you all enjoy the time together. Bunch of turners hanging out is usually fun.
    Don Orr

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    Sounds like a good start.
    That shop can't be too warm judging from the coats everyone has on.
    Nice big funnel you have hanging from the wall.
    Where do you live?

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