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Thread: Wood mag Cutting Board

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    Wood mag Cutting Board

    Here is another wood magazine cutting board I made with my 8 yr old son. I'm just getting him involved in the workshop (along with my 5 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son) and he really likes to "cut wood". We made this for the Grand Parents and it is my first try at a cutting board. My parents saw it and now we've got more to make if you know what I mean.

    The woods are Maple, Cherry, and Walnut with a Mineral Oil finish.
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    Great job, Norb. It's cool that you're getting the kids involved, too.
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    Norb, has anyone ever told you that you look like that Gandolfini guy from Sopranos?

    Great to see your kids in the shop. My two daughters (9&10) are always following me into the shop. My scrap bin pieces are totally glued together.

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    Nope Jim, you're the first. My 8 yr old son is now heavy into "cutting wood". Trying to get him to learn to cut a straight line, and its eating big time into my scrap bin. It's all good though, I love to work with somebody in the shop.

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    Great job on the cutting board....and great looking kids. Congratulations on both.

    Gandolfini??? well.... yes, I can see it ...a little.

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