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Thread: suggest a good narrow-crown stapler for me

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    suggest a good narrow-crown stapler for me

    My old BeA 190 series stapler just bit the dust and they don't make parts for it anymore (it's over 30 years old).

    I'm in need of a new stapler to replace it with. I have a cheapo plastic craftsman gun that jambs, and just doesn't work reliable enough for me.

    I need 1/4" narrow crown, shoot at the minimum from 3/4 to 1-1/2"...

    I typically use it for building carcasses where the staple holes won't be visible as well as shop jigs.

    I'd love to find a gun that will last me as long as the old BeA did, but I don't know if that's possible in todays world


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    Jason, you are talking about a pneumatic stapler I presume?

    I like the Max stuff out of Japan, a bit pricey, but well built, I have also had good luck with Senco pneumatic tools.

    Sorry I'm not up on the various model numbers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    One word Senco
    and another vote for senco
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    sks senco.......not the lightweight one.
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    wow... and it even fires the same staples as the old BeA gun...

    nice. I'll be picking one of these up ASAP.

    there is quite a price range difference on Amazon... anybody have any negative experiences dealing with 'Juldan' ?


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    Another vote for the Senco Have used them at work, and they have surely been used n abused. Never had much of a problem with them

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    Did a quick search on eBay and found 91 staplers by Senco.

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    The Senco SKS is a good, reliable, powerful stapler but it has a few shortcomings. Unfortunately, I don't know another to recommend in its place. Here's a review I did on the SKS.

    The smaller staplers, including Senco, don't have the power to fully drive 1". Just depends on what you're looking for.

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    I had a Senco SKS and loved it but don't discount the Porter Cables I started using them when they came out and believe it or not they would last just a long a Senco for a lot less money. If fact I have a Senco that no one can make work right and the Porter Cable is still going strong. About 1/2 the cost


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    I used a P-C narrow crown stapler to side my house tongue & groove vertical pine]. Up on a ladder, reaching, drove 5,000 plus staples, never misfired, and works great today.

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