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Thread: Welcome Travis Porter

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    Welcome Travis Porter

    Travis, good to have you added to the family! Tell us a little about yourself and the area of woodworking you enjoy. Jim.
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    Let's see, I remember a lot of you from Sawmill Creek and missed your postings and information. A friend told me several had moved over to here so I joined. I missed out on most of the stuff that went haywire at SMC due to having to work a lot over the summer.

    I am a "heavy" hobbyist woodworker. I like to primarily build furniture and stuff for the LOML and our 2 daughters. I do oddball stuff around the house and for friends (decks, porches, etc), and do not do much turning.

    Lets see shop wise, I have a 24x32 detached shop decently equipped, nothing comparative to Tod Evans or Paul Cresti. As for the two of them, one of my last major acquisitions was because of them. A minimax MM24 bandsaw.

    Glad I joined and look forward to the camrauderie.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Welcome Travis

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    Hey Travis, welcome to Family woodworking. Take some time and catch up on Marty's shop thread. If you have some time post a thread on shop tours section and show us your shop.
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    Welcome Travis. Lookin' forward to your input.


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    Hi Travis,
    Glad you have joined up, you are welcome here.
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    hey travis.....glad you made it!
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