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Thread: Type of pine and/or replacement

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    Type of pine and/or replacement

    I make mostly hardwood moldings for local contractors and a few lumber yards. Now while looking in stores for what they sell it for I noticed that several stores have a odd looking stain grade pine. Does anyone know what type of pine is used for this? If I could figure out what they are useing it migth help me track down a supplier. Around here the cheapest I can find clear pine for stain grade is between$2.50 and $5.00 bft.

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    around here they are using popular alot Al,, are yu sure its pine? got a pic of it.
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    Perhaps you're seeing Radiata Pine? This stuff mostly comes from New Zealand or China. According Gene Wengert, "Radiata pine lumber has a wide variety of uses including furniture, cabinets and millwork, as well as for paneling. It is widely used for building and structural applications, including glue-laminated beams and engineered trusses. It can be easily pressure treated and used in exterior environments."

    The stuff I've seen is pretty much knot free - which if I were cutting a profile in would be a good thing. However, if I were interested in a knot free look, I would probably not be using Pine in my project to begin with.
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    Just received notice from the great Tod and he said radiata p[ine is most likly it.

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