Just wanted to put out a heads-up to all of you to let you know we will soon be upgrading the vBulletin forum software to a newer version. This new version has a number of new features and capabilities, as well as improved spam handling and security. Some of the changes will be very obvious to forum members, and others will be more "behind the scenes" stuff.

We don't know exactly when we will be doing the upgrade. We're going to try to do it this weekend, but it's going to depend on our personal schedules, and it will most likely be fairly late at night. We will post a warning shortly before we shut down the site for the upgrade. The site will be down for a little while during the upgrade, but we don't anticipate it being more than an hour or so. Also, things might look a little unfamiliar until we get some tweaking done after the installation. (For example, the "Woody" color scheme may not be available immediately.)

Although this new version of vBulletin offers a lot of additional features, we're going to be taking a measured approach to implementing them. We're not planning any sweeping changes to the forum features at this time.

Thanks for understanding, and don't panic if you notice the forum is down.