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    Peppermill #3

    My daughter offered my services to a dinner/auction for her college swim team. Being caught with my metaphorical pants down...this is what I came up with. Walnut from eBay. 2.25" at the base and 10" tall with the knob. 2 coats of wipe-on poly (thanks Bernie) and 2 coats of SOL...not applied yet. The best grinds pepper and my lil' sweetie thought it was cool!!!! who'd a thought
    -side December, my daughter qualified for the Nationals in KC to be held in March for the 500 and Mile swim. This after fighting cancer when she was 5 and current thyroid problems. She forgot about her problems that day and has always made me do my best. Sorry for my misty eyes, but I want us all to remember our blessings today.
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    Your welcome Jim. That is a beautiful mill. I like the form. Someone is going to get a fine mill.

    Hey Jim no need to apologize for misty eyes. When I get down and think I have it rough I just look around and realize how good I do have it. She sounds like a strong young lady and sounds like she is your pride and joy.
    Bernie W.

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    Looks good, I've yet to do one, on my looooooong list of things I'd "like" do to

    I too feel blessed everyday to have two wonderful, healthy happy daughters, and my lovely wife still by my side (almost a year since she had her cancer surgery!)

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    Very good post and results on all accounts Jim!

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    That's a nice pepper mill Jim, but it's overshadowed by your daughter's accomplishments. You've got good reason to be proud of both.
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    Hey Jim,
    I like the peppermill... PM's are among my favorite items to turn. Love the shape and the wood.

    Congratulations on your daughter's qualification for the swim... I wish her good luck.
    My grand daughter competed a few years back.. I think she competed at Omaha. She still swims, but not competively now since starting college.
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