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Thread: Something for all you Gearheads

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    Something for all you Gearheads

    Here's a Chrysler training video from around 1990. Good stuff.
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    Oh WoW Vaughn They showed that at the Chrysler Training center in Oregon when the dealership sent me for training on the 604. Most of us there were experienced transmission re builders and when that video started it was jaws hitting the table wondering what the heck the guy was going on about. It quickly sank in as to what was going on but is was a fun spoof! Good to see it agian. Thanks

    It was always fun to go to Chrysler training. It is/was in Tualitan, just south of Portland on I-5 and just down the road from a Woodworking too store. Brought back my 6" jet jointer in the trunk of a Neon rental car once That was interesting on the winding mountain road back to the coast

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    Man, that had me laughing out loud
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