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    Question vega duplicator & attachments

    Hi, I am trying to locate someone out there that is using a vega duplicator with the small diameter material attachment. I live out in the sticks of Montana and no one that I know has ever heard of one much less used one, I really can't get any satisfactory info from the Company guy. I am trying to determine if this setup would benefit me in making knitting needles. Any info would be appreciated. Would especially like to visit with someone that is using one. Thanks S. Bolton

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    hi sam,
    many years ago i used a vega duplicator on an 8` lathe....i was not impressed.
    if you`re wanting to make money manufacturing knitting needles the equipment is going to run upwards of 50k used.....for artsy stuff a steady rest and practice is fine.
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    A friend of mine tried that and he sold his. It was more work making them with the duplicator than by hand and slow. Lots of fixing up where it tore out the wood and a whole bunch of sanding. It leaves a really rough surface.
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    The new issue of Woodturning Design has a good article on making knitting needles using only a collet or a scroll chuck. Well worth the read.

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    Hi, Bernie Thanks for your reply. Does your friend have the small diameter attachment for his duplicator? Sam Bolton

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