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Thread: Norman's Shop Thread

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    Norman's Shop Thread

    This is VERY belated, and the pics are old, but it's a start, so here they are in the post below that George was kind enough to move for me. I WISH there was that much room in there now, (without all the "STUFF" that has collected since these pics) 'cause it would sure be easier to work on it if I didn't have to constantly keep moving things around.

    Pic 1 Looking W from the alley into the shop through the 10 x 10 overhead door, you can see the HF lathe
    Pic 2 Looking NW from the alley shows the Shop and back fence and Well House at the North end of the fence
    Pic 3 Looking E from the SW corner shows the PM 66, and the MiniMax FS 350 J/P combo, Restroom & OH Door
    Pic 4 Looking SE from SW corner shows my buddy's Rigid TS in the distance and some of the frosted roof panels &
    Somewhere in that mess is a Craftsman 10" Contr Saw, a Craftsman 6" Jointer, a Rigid 6" jointer,
    2 Router Tables, several Routers, drills, circular & jig saws, etc., etc.
    Pic 5 Looking N from SW corner shows entry door from back yard and a Craftsman Industrial DP & Belt/Disc Sander
    Pic 6 Looking SE from NW corner shows MM 20 BS
    Pic 7 Looking N from yard shows the semi hidden 16' sliding fence gate I designed and back yard fence
    Pic 8 Looking SE from back patio shows the shop entry and the shed room where the DC and AC will go, as well
    as a potting bench/sink, etc. The inside wall (with the faucet) of the shed is the west wall of the

    Hopefully I will be able to get some updated shots (that you can actually see something in) before long.
    Thanks for looking.

    PS: Ole "Hoss", in pic 8 lost all function in his back & back legs a few months after this pic and had to be put to sleep.
    We've had several Good Dogs over the years, but we have decided that Hoss was the last one we will have.
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    I can still see the pics over there, so I grabbed you a copy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails thanksgiving 04 006.jpg   thanksgiving 04 007.jpg   thanksgiving 04 008.jpg   thanksgiving 04 009.jpg   thanksgiving 04 010.jpg  

    thanksgiving 04 011.jpg   thanksgiving 04 013b.jpg   thanksgiving 04 014.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Franklis View Post
    I can still see the pics over there, so I grabbed you a copy.
    Hey George, Thanks. Now I can delete the links in my post above and put descriptions in for the pics.
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    That's a nice space, Norman, thanks for showing us.
    Stuff expands to fill the available space.
    And, in addition to some great gear, you have some other key items, such as the Contemplation Recliner and the Cold Beverage Unit.

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    ok norman its been along time since yu have shown and new pics and now we get antiques ones from ya, those are so old they probally used gun powder for the flash.. so when can we expect some fresher ones say the kodak variety possibly or if we are real good the digital age didnt realize yu were in the neader on picture takin too.. and yu dont even have cold weather to contend with..sunny and warma ll the time and retired to boot.. come on now pay up bud
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    Unhappy Pic Posting Problem with new Browser

    Well, I found my camera card today that had some pics on it that I had taken along the way on the interior finishing, (the LOML FORGOT, She had "Borrowed" MY camera card), and I even took some NEW shots today when I quit working, BUT....... when my Computer Guru rebuilt my PC, he installed Firefox as my primary browser, and now I cannot figure how to resize the pics, (which was very simple with Windows, and I'm SURE NOT going to install some other new program that I have to learn to work). If I could figure out how to turn OFF Fire Fox and turn Windows back on for this operation, I think I could get it to work.

    Another problem is that instead of loading each picture individually into the PC as I usually have done, I put them all in a file, and I haven't figured out how to get them out of there to upload either. I keep getting Nasty Msgs telling me I have the wrong file name, (when I'm looking at it printed right on the screen in front of me.)

    Soooooo........ Larry, I guess you'll just have to WAIT a little longer til I figger this mess out. (I hope you're a Man of Patience.)

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    Always trying to make thing complicated aren't you Norman.

    Even though you don't want to try anything new you could download Irfanview it is a simple program that a grade school kid can operate in 5 minutes without instructions. I've never read the instructions for it. If you look at what it offers on the operation panel you can operate it. When you get ready to save make sure to name it & to select the file type you wish to save it in JPEG etc.

    Oh & yes it will work for Firefox. It is what I use.
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    What version of windows are you using? XP or Vista?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart Leetch View Post
    ...Even though you don't want to try anything new you could download Irfanview it is a simple program that a grade school kid can operate in 5 minutes without instructions...
    I use Irfanview every day, and it's an awesome product, but it has WAY more features than someone like Norman might need. The more features, the easier it is to get confused. I think there are other resizing programs that are much easier for computer novices. Like this one. No installation does it all over the Internet.

    Norman, I think you have a bit of confusion about Firefox and Windows. Firefox is a "browser" program used to access the Internet; Windows is the "operating system" program that tells your computer it's a computer, and it talks to all the other programs you run on the computer and keeps them in line. The browser you're using really makes no difference in resizing pictures. You were probably using Internet Explorer on your old computer, and you're using Firefox now. Neither one of them can resize a picture. On your earlier computer, you had to have been using some type of program to resize your pictures...Windows itself doesn't have the ability to resize them.

    Norm, if you are still having problems with the pics, feel free to e-mail them to me and I'll see if I can get things sorted out for you.
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    Well, this is really a TEST, so I'll try AGAIN. If the pics show up they were from the early stages of framing out the West wall of the shop. AHA, (only took me 5 1/2 hrs for me to figure out that my Microsoft resizing system was still in there, AND, how to get to it and then resize the pics and get this far).

    Anyhow the wood framing in between the building's metal frame was made in sections and then lifted (and sometimes driven into position with a sledgehammer), and then bolted in place thru the horizontal purlins, (usually three bolts on the top and bottom of each section). I cut short blocks and glued them in place inside the metal purlins where the bolts would go to eliminate any crushing of the purlins when the bolts were tightened. I also used the TEK screws to fasten the frame to the vertical metal framing in two or three places on each end of each frame section.

    Where the 2 x 6 metal backer boards were, the wood frame section was built in place by bolting all the horizontal 2 x 4's in place and then notching the vertical 2 x 4's and placing them flat and at an angle against the outer wall skin then knocking them down behind the metal backerboard until they were vertical then twisting them 90* so the notches would fit around the Backer board, and then aligning them to their proper spacing and toe nailing them to the horizontal 2 x 4's. (That was labor intensive and VERY time consuming , especially since they wanted to hang up on the chicken wire that holds the insulation in place). After the framing was in place, I further insulated with R13 Pink fiberglass with paper barrier.

    The west wall is the only wall that I used Drywall on the bottom section, (below the electrical outlet duct area) because there will be permanently mounted cabinets along most of that wall, and a sink & small refridgerator. (the large Fridge shown in the pics will not stay, as it belongs to a friend and does not currently work, (so I have paint and Dado blades stored in it for the time being. There is a water line that comes up through the floor and a sewer line by it and you can see the PVC sewer vent line going up the wall & out thru the roof.

    I will do more posts later and take one wall at a time, to show the framing, etc, and then the last post of this series will show the latest progress pics.

    Thanks for looking.

    PS: Thanks to Larry, Bart and Vaughn for all the offers for help, but it looks like "Computer Stupid" finally figured it out.
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