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Thread: A 6 year old can master the Festool LS 130 sander

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    A 6 year old can master the Festool LS 130 sander

    Today, I spent a few hours with my grandson (aged 6 years and 8 months) building a tool box for him to store his ever growing collection of woodworking tools. Most of the work was done by him.

    In particular, he did the sanding of the two sides and the bottom of the box almost completely unassisted. Here is a picture:

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    The wood is 19mm fir plywood and a each of the three pieces measured 20 cm by 60 cm. The sander was a Festool LS 130 EQ Linear Sander. The wood was sanded with 80, 120, 150, and 220 grits. He made all the paper changes by himself and lined up the paper over the holes. He was also able to turn on and off the sander and to utilize the botton that allows the operator to take his finger off the trigger. Even the hose did not seem to get in his way. He has asama, so the dust collection is very important.

    I think that this demonstrates the ease of use, the effectiveness, and gentleness of this often overlooked sander. I would not be without it.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Man, today is the day of 6 year old woodworkers Teach him well Frank Sure is nice to see such young ones taking great interest in their dad's/granddad's hobby

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    Way to go, Frank. I was about that age when my granddad turned me loose with his sander. It wasn't a Festool...some big, heavy and noisy steel-cased model. I now own that sander. Don't use it anymore, but wouldn't ever part with it, either.
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