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Thread: Favorite Movie?

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    Favorite Movie?

    Alright so I did a quick little search to see if this was already done and I didn't find anything. The "Favorite Music" thread came out pretty interesting! So now what are your top 5 favorite movies? Yep that's right, I said top FIVE again and why (if you'd like to explain). Ok fine, you can do more than 5 again if you find it necessary I'll start it off...


    American History X

    Dumb and Dumber - hands down on that one

    Back to the Future - classic

    The Notebook - Yes, I know, quite girly of me. Can't help it though I thought that was a great movie. I guess I can be a sucker for some of those old fashion-styled love stories

    ...maybe I'd add a few runner ups now that I think of it...

    The Departed - A lot of my friends thought it was dumb but I thought it was unpredictable and I liked it a lot

    300 - mainly for the special effects, and energy! Definitely on the gorey side!


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    I'm living in the movie capital of the world, but I'm sooooooo behind on movies I'd like to see. I think the last one I saw in the theatre was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And I never take the time to watch them at home, either.

    That said, movies I'd put at the top of my list...


    Star Wars (the first three, anyway)

    Saving Private Ryan (mostly for the surround sound...the first ten minutes is awesome in 5.1)

    Schindler's List

    Forrest Gump

    There are quite a few others, but I'm drawing a blank and don't feel like going into the living room to check the titles in my meager DVD collection.

    This should be a fun thread.
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    5? Only 5? FIVE???? Are you kidding?

    Well, ok - I'll give it a shot, seeing as how I can't sleep.

    1) Battle of Britain {1969}
    2) 2001 {1968}
    3) Saving Private Ryan {1998}
    4)[tie] Kelly's Heroes {1970}
    4)[tie] Grand Prix {1967}
    5)[tie] Blast from the Past {1999}
    5)[tie] Star Wars ep.IV {1977}

    See what I mean about 5? It took me 7 to get to 5.

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    Just FIVE

    Putting even just five in a 1 to 5 order is not easy

    1) Star Wars >it came out when I was in Grade 7, or 8, I can't remember exactly, because top films came late to my hometown back then. I remember being so dazzled by it that when the film got out, we got back in line to see the second showing that day

    2) Blade Runner > This movie came out the year I graduated from high school, and myself and my buddies had high hopes for it, as usual we had to wait a few weeks longer than most of the world to see it, and we read all kinds of bad reviews, we almost did NOT go to see it, but after we saw it, we wondered why all the bad reviews We LOVED IT

    3) The Searchers > By far the best John Wayne movie made, and I've always been a big fan of the Duke, but this is the best, with John Ford directing, what more could you want

    4) The Blues Brothers > "We're on a mission from God" Classic Movie, I love the humor, the car chases, and the music, oh man the MUSIC

    5) Unforgiven> A tough call on the last one, there are so many other movies that could fill this spot, but I really, really liked this movie, all the actors did an outstanding job, and the cinematography is stunning, showing how beautiful a wild untamed land can look like, with all of it's brutality on display at the same time.

    A couple of Honorable Mentions:

    Ferris Bueler's Day Off < What can I say, love it or hate it, I love it, we have the film on VHS, it is one that we will convert to DVD one of these days

    The Last Waltz > Just simply the best concert documentary ever made

    Shane Loved this movie as a boy

    The Outlaw Josey Wales Clint's second best movie

    Citizen Kane This is a wonderful movie, at a very different pace that most anything you would see these days, truly a classic.

    The Seven Samurai, Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan...... so many others, it is really hard to pick just FIVE!
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    This makes me feel old!


    The Go-between

    To have and to have not

    Dr. Zhivago

    Lolita (Kubrick's version with James Mason and sue Lyon)

    There, that's five...


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    Lord of the Rings - the entire trilogy - top of my list.
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    Dang gone, hope I spell them correctly!!!!!

    1. Shawshank Redemption

    2. Quigley Downunder

    3. Any of John Wayne's westerns

    4. Fast and Furious movies

    5. Dirty Harry

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    1, Once Upon a Time in the West
    2. Blazzing Saddles
    3. True Romance
    4. Fight Club
    5. Full Metal Jacket
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