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Thread: "original jimmy jig"

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    "original jimmy jig"

    I was googling something and this "original jimmy jig" came up. The idea of the entire saw being incorporated into a sliding table seems very sensible. Does anyone have an exposure to it. They want $15 for a download; I really don't have enuf info to decide if it's worth the "gamble".

    What I am interested in is a "jig" to let me build horse stall doors with my tablesaw. I need six dutch doors 48" x 84". The bottom door will be 48 x48 and the top space the rest. The door will be two laminated perpendicular T-111 panels recycled from the barn. The two panels and 2 sheets of 26 gage sheet metal will be laminated into a single 4-layered panel; then they will be framed into a metal frame hinged to the metal door jamb. I will try to use a construction adhesive like PowerGrab for the lamination. Ideally, I need to rip my panels to fit at each stage of construction. It was much clearer in my mind before I described it. If you have an idea that might help; please, put it in reply. Thanking you in advance for all efforts.

    Ray Gerdes in beautiful Texas

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    While the Jimmy Jig was a very good idea ( and I still like it ) byt the time you get all the pieces together and then add your time inot assembling it you're already done with you're project. If you plan on doing a lot of work then it certainly is worht pursuing.

    Personally, I think you'd be better off buidling a straight edge guide and cutting your pieces as needed. All you need is a sheet of hardboard and a sheet of ply.

    Do a google for circular saw guide and pick whatever one you think works best mate.
    daiku woodworking

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