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Thread: Wood Haul Today

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    Wood Haul Today

    Got a phone call from a friend that offered to let me have some wood. At first he thought it was Mesquite.....then he said it was Tamerisk.......when i got there he said he was pretty sure it was....Eucalyptus......LOL ahhhhh well ......Im not sure what kind is was either but what the heck i live in a city and ill turn anything so i took him up on his offer.........Pictures below......
    Anybody want to guess at what kind??? im not sure but it does turn very nice
    Ill post pics later on the turning......Thanks Dan
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Truck-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Truck-2 (600 x 450).jpg   Truck-3 (600 x 450).jpg   Wood Pile-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Wood Pile-2 (600 x 450).jpg  

    Wood Pile-3 (600 x 450).jpg  

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    Holy Toot Dan!

    That is a great haul!
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    Can't say..

    Don't know much about CA trees, as I'm from Michigan, but very nice haul!!


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    I see a lot of cleaning up in your shop in the near future, get a coal shovel, I find it works the best
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    Great haul, Dan. Free turning wood is always a good thing. I don't know what tamarind looks like, but I agree that bark looks like some of the eucalyptus you see around this part of the country. If it's like some of the other eucalypts I've turned, be prepared for some movement when it dries. You may get some cracks, but they can usually be filled and still look nice. I'll bet you find some killer figure in that wood.

    Also, be prepared for it to gum up your bandsaw blade. I learned to wipe the blade down well with Pam cooking spray before cutting it, and it helps a lot. I still end up having to scrape the blade clean when I'm done, though.

    Despite the slight additional hassles, I've really liked the results I've gotten with the eucalyptus I've turned.
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    The Bark definitely doesn't look like the Mesquite we have here in Texas. The Bark on the Arizona Mesquite does look a "Little" more like that, but I kinda doubt that it is Mesquite. Whatever it is, looks like you've got plenty of material to keep you busy Playing with your Toys for a while.

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    The color looks similar to some honey locust I got.

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    My initial thought when I looked at it was cedar... the wood color looks a little like the 3 trees I just had taken down from under the power lines, but after a closer look at the bark, I think it probably DUNNO..

    What ever it is, looks like a nice haul.. have fun!
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    I'll bet a quarter it's mesquite. Looks exactly like the urban mesquite they use to landscape around here. So I'm sure they do in Palm Springs as well. It's very good stuff! and seems even more stable than the native type. It's one of the imports, marketed as Chilean or Argentenian mesquite. Definitely not tamarisk, which is kind of an ugly, boring, stinky wood (but I wouldn't turn it down and have used it alot in the past). I believe you have some very nice chunks of Mesquite, by far the best of all your possibilities. When you cut it you will know, mesquite has a very nice earthy smell, that smells like....well, mesquite.

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    The only other wood I would guess would be cedar due to the twisting and odd shapes. You'll know for sure when you cut into it. Like Berry said, mesquite has an earthy smell where cedar smell like grandma's cedar chest. If these chunks are really heavy then it isn't cedar for sure. Really is hard to tell without being there in person. You'll figure it out when you cut into it and/or turn it.

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