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    liming wax

    i posted in the wrong section. sorry about that. what is liming wax? what does it do to the wood? do it put mosture back? i have an old oak childs rocker that is rel old and dried up some it needs moisture put back in it. What di i use?

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    Ralph, it's sort of like a whitewash treatment used to color or accentuate the grain in wood:

    I'm pretty sure it's not what you're looking for to restore dried up wood. I'll let some of the other refinishing pros here speak up with better suggestions.
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    I'm not a refinishing pro, but I needed to help the front door when we bought the house we're in now. It was mahogany, about 12 years old and had never been maintained properly. I looked at some of the products at the borg and got some Watco Rejuvenating Oil. I applied several liberal coats, wiping it after a few minutes. The wood became noticeably more "alive" after the treatment.
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    A member of my woodturning club uses it to give a unique accent to the finish on some bowls. First he uses the vinegar and steel wool treatment to make the bowl black. When dry he puts on the liming wax and then rubs most of it off. Remaining wax fills pores and puts a white-on-black look to the bowl. Kinda neat.

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