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Thread: Loose chuck fixed-here's proof!

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    Loose chuck fixed-here's proof!

    Here are my first five bottle stoppers. Man, are these things fun to bang out! I thought a pen was a quick and rewarding turning, but these are even better! Gotta get more imaginative (or more plagiaristic) in my design though!

    I'm following an article I downloaded from somewhere, and the author's recipe for finish is to put on several coats of thinned Deft and wipe it of at fairly high speed, then polish with Myland's Friction Polish. I don't have Myland's but I do have a bottle of generic fp from Craft Supply and I just don't seem to get enough gloss. What kind of finish do some of you use?

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    Minnwax wipe on poly or a CA finish. Yours look good.

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    Nice looking stoppers! They look shinny enough to me

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    Not shinny enough. They seem to glow to me.

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    Those look real nice. I think they look plenty shiny from here. I think I've used a CA finish on all the wood bottle stoppers I've done.
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    Bottle stoppers are fun. Folks like them and the variety you can make is limited only by imagination. Good use for scrap.

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    It is great you got the chuck to work and some fine bottle stoppers. I think I sold around 30 of those over Christmas. They make great gifts.
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    Good work Jerry I had to wear my sunglasses to see thru the shine...but I live in Calif too. Maybe lean away from to glossy a finish. Those things roll around in drawers and sit in the fridge a lot. Thru natural wear, the finish dulls a bit. Sometimes a matte or semi finish really lets' the wood stand out. And judging from the great work you did...let the work and wood show off...the finish just adds to it.
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