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Thread: Tight fisted turning

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    Tight fisted turning

    Decided it was time to sort out the scrap box. Ended up with some T lights and some weed / twig pots.

    Note: Tghe weed pots are straight, just bad photography


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    Well done Pete. Good use for scraps. Great looking pieces and I like your t-lights. I found myself lately saving any little scrap of wood just in case. Sometimes I save way to much stuff that won't amount to anything instead of saving for like small lidded boxes, jam chucks, etc.
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    Real nice work Pete. I didn't see one scrap in the bunch
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    Believe me Jim, they are all made from scrap. (Just noticed I've posted the weed pots before Apolgies) I'll see if I can dig out some more scrap and do a WIP for KaLea's competition. Probably got enough for some more miniatures at least.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete MoncrieffJury View Post

    Note: Tghe weed pots are straight, just bad photography

    I liked the idea that they were crooked... off center etc...

    They are nice.. I need to work on some of my scrap wood...
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