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Thread: grandparents day

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    grandparents day

    My twin grandsons had their annual Grandparents Day at their school this week. It is a great event and the kids get very excited about showing off their school and acomplishments to their grandparents. This shot is my wife, Bill, the other grandfather (he is "Paw-pa", I'm "Grand-pa" or "Grandpa Bill" and Grandpa-Frank", which I like better.) and grandson, Heath.
    Later in the day is when I visited with Jay.
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    That's wonderful Frank, too much liberalism is trying to separate families now-a-days, good to see the school system trying to pull it back together.

    Cheers to whoever set that up!

    Double cheers to you, your wife, Bill and every other grandparent that took the time to show up!


    Tony, BCE '75

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