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Thread: It's official, I am in Business

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    It's official, I am in Business

    I have tossed this idea around for a long time and my Buddy Randy has sort of been nudging me along to take those first steps. So I guess today is opening day of my new business. Production has officially started today at Kudzu Craft. Kayaks and Greenland Paddles.

    I have been thinking and investigating this for over a year. I finally gave in and decided to make my first boat to sell. We discussed what would make a desirable boat that was different than what was on the market. Since Randy buys and sells kayaks he talks to a lot of people.

    One of the big things that convinced me was people are always wanting light weight boats. Most plastic boats are 50+ lbs. The Skin boats I am interested in are easy to keep at 35 lbs or less.

    Randy and I worked on a set of design goals and I have spent the past 2 or 3 months working on the new design. It has gotten to the point there is nothing left to do but build one. So today I started production on Hull #1.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first thing you will notice is the bow have a reverse curve. I thought that complimented the idea I had for the stern. It's sort of a cross between a Aleutian Bairdaka and a Fantail Launch. I have to work out exactly how I am going to build that, but I love the look. It tapers from the round stern into an almost rudder shape.

    I will post some photos on my web site as I go along. I expect to have this one built in 4 weeks or so.
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    Congratulations Jeff Wish you the best of luck in your new adventure. Your designs speak for themselves and should sell well
    Look forward to see how this goes for you.


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    Congratulations Jeff

    Starting up a new business if both exciting and Scary as H#&* but will bring you great satification and hopefully great rewards.

    From the stuff you have posted here you should do well my friend.

    Good Luck
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    Congrats on the new business, Jeff. Here's hoping it prospers!

    Three little word, though... Product Liability Insurance ???
    Jim D.
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    Best of luck to you Jeff! Nice design you came up with

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Congrats Jeff! All the best.
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    Good Luck Jeff!

    You've started down the road on an interesting career! I don't know any custom kayak or paddle makers.

    Judging from your history of having already built at least 2 kayaks, you'll be doing this out of your existing shop for the time being?

    The only downside I can see it the product liability, having become the manufacturer of a for-sale item.

    Is there a sizable enough market for a custom or limited production kayak?

    Don't listen to my concerns- go for it! I'm a wussy!



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    Hooray! I've been waiting for you to do this... after your two under the belt, I'm certain you'll do very well!

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    good luck Jeff.
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    Congrats Jeff. Your boats are certainly beautiful and it sounds like you guys have your finger on the pulse of that market. Providing the things folks want but can't seem to get from the "big boys" is a good approach. Best of luck.
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