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Thread: Looking for a pet home in NY

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    Looking for a pet home in NY

    Hi folks
    I just got word that a guy that got a Boxer from us is unable to keep him due to family illness and needs to find a home for him.

    This was one of the sweetest dogs every, very gentle for a Boxer and has been neutered, is 8 months old and was a great bed buddy. He is a solid fawn with black mask.

    If anyone is interested in him just contact me and I will get you the contact info
    He is free, just needs a good home and this guy paid quit a bit for him. Or if you are a ways out you might have to pay shipping.

    He is on Staten Island now.

    We are waiting for current pictures and will post here when we get some.

    Hope I haven't violated any rules by posting this and If I have let me know and I will delete it or if the mod can then do so.


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