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Thread: Some Cool Desert Ironwood

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    Some Cool Desert Ironwood

    I cut up this tree recently. I got really excited when I saw the surface under the bark cause it looked like what indicates birdseye on other woods. Turns out that was what it was, at least for the outer few inches of the log. A lot of voids in it, but still very interesting grain. The bowl is in progress, but is looking very cool IMHO, about 7"dia at the top, have at least a couple of bigger blanks that I'm very excited!!!
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    Barry, I am looking foward to seeing the finished product. Really cool so far.

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    Barry, I hate to see you tear up your lathe and tools on that painfully hard wood.

    You've got my address.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make out of it.
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    Nice looking wood! There is an "Iron wood" tree here that goes close to the ocean (and other places) it has very long needle leave like a ponderosa pine but more dense. I'll have to hunt down a chunk when I get ready to do the spinny thing

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    WOW! beautiful stuff!

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    Beautiful wood. Can't wait to see some turnings out of that.
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    Some cool desert ironwood

    I HATE YOU Bet you gonna get some BEAUTIFULL work outa that

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    Don't hate me cause my wood is beautiful

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    Yes Barry, you have got some really nice wood Too bad it's not boards

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    The wood is beatiful but I think it could be used for some flatwork better.

    Jokes apart Barry, do make the best out of it, such a piece of wood deserves your highest creative efforts
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