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    Picture Box

    This is not a great project, but it was one that a certain lady wanted to have built. Her Father had left her a raised picture that is over 60 years old and was starting to deteriate. She wanted me to try and save it and still not lose the looks. I used that same tall bit that I used in the Mitered Raised Pannel Door. I just cut it down to the proper hight. Also added some very thin Oak strips around the edge to hide a bad area in the picture. Not great but made her happy. All under glass so it will be preserved.
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    Nice job Ron, Your customer should be happy with that

    What goes around, comes around.

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    if you made her happy ron, that's all that matters. good work!
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    Sometimes, as Ive learned, little projects hold more value to the person owning/getting them, then can be figured in dollars and cents or small or large, however you want to rate it.

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    Sweet Ron. Great work again.

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