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Thread: which shoulder plan?

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    which shoulder plan?

    I've decided to try and stimulate the economy in a small way. The last couple of times that I have made mortise and tenon joints I used chisels to trim the tenons to better fit. Each time I wished I would have had a shoulder plane. Well, I've decided to get me one. I'm leaning toward a veritas, but which one to get. Would you go with the medium or large plane? Should I get the A1 or O2 steel?

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    I have the LN large one, and the Veritas medium one. I find that I use the Veritas one about three times as much as the big LN.

    When I bought my Veritas (when they first came available) the only blade was O-1. I've never had reason to complain. It sharpens (relatively) easily, and holds its edge well.
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    Yep, get the LV (Veritas) medium shoulder plane. Great product.

    I think mine has the A2 steel.

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    med vs lg; O1 vs A2

    I've been contemplating a Veritas shoulder plane also except I've been trying to decide between the medium or the small.
    As far as the blades... I have several of Veritas' A2 blades, all at least an 1/8th in thick. As with all of the Veritas tools I've purchased, they are what they say they are. In the case of A2, they are HARD! I believe they can be honed to as keen an edge as an O1 - takes longer but holds it longer as well.
    In the case of a shoulder plane the job may not be as laborious as that of a
    2-1/4" W blade on the Jack plane.
    Something else to consider (now this part is purely my own speculation, ie, I can't bill you for it and you can't hold me to it - lol) seems that my waterstones require more attention after being put through the paces of honing a new A2.

    It has also been my experience @ LV that their advice is on the money more times than not. Their advice is that if this is your 1st shoulder plane the small is a great starter.I would also value your advice so let us know your opinion after the deal is done.
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    i use an old 93 more than my others, next used is a 311 then an 073 for bigger stuff.....sometimes the 289 for gnarly tennons that require brute force like figured wood.
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    I have a LV medium shoulder plane with the A2 blade. It fits my hands bretter than others because of the additional hole in the body and the adjustable brass knob in the lever. It's a very comfortable plane to use, which is saying a lot for a shoulder plane.
    I like the A2 - takes an edge well and is very durable. I've never used O2. It's a bit softer, easier to sharpen (depending on your method). I use water stones. I do have a high carbon Hock that i like quite a bit as well. My guess is that you'd be happy whichever way you went.
    If you're buying new, i recommend the LV medium. If you're buying used, i'd carefully weigh what you can get for your dollar versus a new plane.
    You might also consider ECE wooden planes - they can be had relatively affordably on the used market and have a great reputation.
    Paul Hubbman

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    Another happy owner of a LV med A2. Can't go wrong with it.

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    hey john ,

    it seems my opinion is out numbered already but i will toss in my 2 cents anyway... i have a lie neilsen medium with an A-2 blade , i would do it again in a heartbeat
    what are you building today ??


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    I have the LV medium. I love the way you grip it. Very controllable and easy to finesse.
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