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Thread: Imitation the highest form of flattery

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    Imitation the highest form of flattery

    I have started trying to use some of the classic designs and actually turn with a form in mind. OK so it's new to me

    6" tall 3" max dia: finished with sealer & wax. Idea from a Georgian urn

    Based on pueblo pottery (loads of this stuff to have a go at,

    4 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" max dia. Hollowed out to approx 6mm but thicker in widest point as my tools don't reach properly. Not finished as it is developing some cracks. I will possibly have a go at decorating to suit the character of the piece (hint there to origins) and can hopefully disgiuise the cracks if they don't get too big.

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    Nicely done. Pete. I especially like the pueblo pot. I'd say your form is pretty true to the original style. I grew up around several Indian pueblos, including San Ildefonso, which was the home to Maria Martinez ('Maria the Potter'), one of the more famous American Indian potters. (I went to school with Maria's grandkids.)
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    Like the pueblo pot.. wouldn't worry about the cracks.. a little CA and wood dust and probably won't even see them... I like the form of both pieces..

    I start my pieces with a form in mind.. once in a great while, I even come close to what I have in mind... mostly though they just come out as they come out.
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    Nice job Pete...keep up the imitation, that's how I get idea's too!
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    Good stuff Pete! I like them both, but keep coming back to the first.
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    hanks guys. I have been looking at the various pottery sites for Amerindians (is that the right word?) I love the simplicity of the shapes. If I can pluck up the courage I would like to do some of the decoration that is applicable as well but we'll see. First get some more of the shapes done.


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    Great looking pieces Pete. Nice designs.
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