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Thread: Turning the Tables

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    Turning the Tables

    Saw this on the local news. If you had the chance would you take it?

    If you listen to the change of tone to his voice on the 911 call it's hilarious.


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    OH, That's way too funny!!!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    I heard about it on the radio, but the 911 tape is great. Sorta funny hearing the operator admonish him for stealing the van. I don't know what I'd do in that situation. I'd be a bit concerned about retribution. The bad guys know where he lives.
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    rather than steal there van i would made it un driveable in some way and hope the officers got back there in time..but from expeirence they really arent intersted in gettin the burgulars they are after the bigger fish in the pond. i just got lucky that they got my villians ...
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    Tired of caring for Crooks

    Well I wrote a whole reply to this and then deleted it.

    Think back many of your ancestors would not have taken the guys horses. They would have shot these guys or hung em high.

    When did we become so soft that the guy who trys to defend himself suddenly becomes the bad guy.

    Something wrong here

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    That has been making the e-mail rounds also.
    Methinks there has to be some exemption in the law that would make taking the van not a crime. IMHO, he did the right thing. Got away, notified police and hampered the crooks ability to escape.
    If he had been charged with auto theft there would have been nationwide outrage.

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    Great !

    I like his thinking mostly. I might have just taken the keys though. Sad commentary on society that the first thing the dispatcher thought about was him stealing their van. Who says it was even their van-they might have stolen that too
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    the crooks and the homeowner made out ok.
    god forbid the homeowner was trapped and discovered, who knows what the criminals would have done to him.
    and the crooks are lucky, cause if youre caught in someones home illegally, and that person decides to take out his home protection weapon of choice, well, you might be leaving in a body bag or an ambulance.
    Im glad it worked out well for the homeowner, I dont care about the criminals, they will get what they deserve eventually.

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    Just a thought - wouldn't the home invaders need to press charges against the homeowner before he could be arrested for auto theft?

    I'd never make it as a 911 operator - I would have been laughing during that call.

    A long time ago I was walking in a mall in NYC with my wife when a teenage kid comes running down the mall with mall security in hot pursuit. I was tempted to throw a shoulder into him as he came past. I resisted the temptation and security eventually caught him and dragged him away. My thought at the time was that he might not be alone and I didn't want to antagonize his friends.

    I'd likely be a little more aggressive in my own home. Hopefully I never have to find out how I would react.


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